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Planning for surgery

The Pre-admission Clinic

This is a clinic where you will meet many different health professionals who will ask you details about your medical history, and help you understand the hospital process.

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Preparing for Surgery

If you decide to proceed with surgery, you will need to make preparations prior to your surgery date.

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On the Day of Surgery

Information about what happens on the day of surgery

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During your hospital stay

When you are back on the ward, the nurse will continue to monitor your vitals and provide you with pain relief. If you do not feel like your pain is under control, you must let the nurse know.

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Planning your return home

You may be discharged when you are safe

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After leaving the hospital

It is important that you maintain a comfortable level of function after you surgery.

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Post-operative pain relief

Your comfort after surgery is a vital part of your successful rehabilitation.

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All surgery is not without potential complications. If you are concerned that something is wrong, then you need to let someone know.

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