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Hip Preservation Surgery

Hip Preservation Surgery

Hip joint preservation surgery comprise of a select group of procedures that address shape problems of the hip that have been identified to cause hip pain and early arthritis.

Dr Agolley is a hip surgeon on the Gold Coast who has undergone extensive additional training on overseas fellowship in London UK, in hip preservation procedures.

Making the diagnosis has often been the most difficult part of the journey for many patients with hip and groin pain. It is common for Dr Agolley to see patients that have had hip or groin pain for several years, and have been told that there is “nothing wrong” with their hip. They may have been to therapy that seems to not make a difference or even aggravate pain. Some patients may have had other surgery that did not alleviate their pain.

Dr Agolley has a special interest in hip preservation surgery. He will take a thorough history and examination, and make recommendations for specific scans to help confirm the diagnosis. If non-surgical management is appropriate, Dr Agolley will recommend a program for you. If non-surgical management has not been successful, Dr Agolley will spend time explaining the options, so you can make an informed decision about moving forward.


Common hip problems that may be appropriate for hip preservation surgery include:


Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is a condition of the hip that can affect both the femoral head (ball) and acetabulum (socket) of the hip joint. It is more commonly identified in babies as Developmental/Congenital Hip Dysplasia, but it is less commonly identified in adults.

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Hip Impingement and Labral Tears

Labral tears are commonly identified when a patient with hip pain has an MRI scan. Labral tears most commonly occur due to a shape problem with the hip, which is often misdiagnosed.

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Hip Pain

Pain coming from the hip joint or structures in front of the hip, typically presents as pain in the groin. However hip pain may present as pain in the buttock, back, hamstring, front of the thigh, and knee.

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Common hip preservation procedures include:


Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is keyhole surgery used to address pathology in and around the hip. Dr Agolley has specialty training in hip arthroscopy procedures.

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Periacetabular Osteotomy

Periacetabular osteotomy (PAO), is a procedure used to redirect the socket of the hip joint to improve coverage over the femoral head. This may improve the stability of the hip and minimise or eliminate hip and groin pain.

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