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Lower Limb

Lower Limb

Dr Agolley manages lower limb trauma in children and adults by both non-surgical and surgical methods.

Injuries managed include:


Foot and Ankle

  • Toe, foot and hind foot fractures
  • Lisfranc injuries
  • Ankle joint fractures and dislocations


Leg (Tibia) and Knee

  • Tibia fracture fixation
  • Tibial Plateau fractures (open and minimally invasive percutaneous methods)
  • Knee fractures, including patella fracture internal fixation
  • Tibial spine avulsion
  • Quadraceps and Patella tendon rupture repair
  • Knee ligament reconstruction
  • Distal femur fractures


Thigh (Femur) and Hip fractures

  • Femur fractures – minimally invasive intramedullary nailing and plating
  • Hip fractures – internal fixation and joint replacement surgery
  • Labral tears and loose bodies in the hip joint after traumatic dislocation


More Information

For more information, see the American Academy or Orthopaedic Surgeon website, and here for Femur and Hip Trauma.