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All surgery is not without potential complications. If you are concerned that something is wrong, then you need to let someone know.

If you are experience any of the following symptoms, please immediately call Dr Agolley’s rooms, see your GP, or present to your local emergency department for assessment:

  • Excessive Pain uncontrolled by the medication regimen you were discharged with
  • Fever, Chills, or Rigors
  • Your wound is oozing or bleeding outside of the dressing
  • Your wound is becoming more swollen, red and inflamed looking (note: bruising and swelling are a normal part of the healing process after surgery or an injury and this will resolve of its own accord over a period of several weeks.)
  • Tenderness in your calf, behind your knee or inner thigh; shortness of breath or pain in your chest associated with breathing. These may be signs of a pulmonary embolus and you need to seek urgent medical attention.
  • You feel like something is wrong.